Released by Guinlee Music
2 January 2006

Alastair displays his rich vocal ability on his stellar debut album. Recorded as a tribute to the many music styles that have influenced Alastair’s musical development over the years, Influences showcases his masterful vocal interpretations of many jazz, pop, country, theatre and gospel standards. Highlights include the theatrical, The music of the night, big band number Ain’t that a kick in the head, the sensual Sway and the melancholy One for my baby (and one more for the road) amongst many others on this impressive first up release.

Alastair also includes five original tracks, Why’d you have to happen? Don’t treat me like a fool, Come back to me, Black Dreams and Dreamin’ of you which all exhibit a very unusual creative flair that he refers to as pop-jazz.

Song list

Why’d you have to happen? Listen MP3 (406 kB)
Don’t treat me like a fool Listen MP3 (367 kB)
Ain’t that a kick in the head Listen MP3 (512 kB)
The music of the night Listen MP3 (601 kB)
Sway Listen MP3 (329 kB)
Please don’t talk about me when I’m gone Listen MP3 (506 kB)
One for my baby (And one more for the road) Listen MP3 (438 kB)
Come back to me Listen MP3 (334 kB)
Don’t Listen MP3 (655 kB)
Black dreams Listen MP3 (309 kB)
Steppin’ out with my baby Listen MP3 (317 kB)
Dreamin’ of you Listen MP3 (432 kB)
Precious Lord (Take my hand) Listen MP3 (458 kB)

Album Credits

Lead vocals - Alastair Lee
Backing vocals – The Redwood Singers
Musicians - various
Technical advisor - Connie Lemke
Photography - Donna Edwards
Artwork & Cover Design - Donna Edwards and ATDesign
Producer - Alastair Lee
Engineered and mixed by Graeme Hodge

Recorded at Redwood Recording Studios
32 Armstrong Street North Ballarat Victoria Australia

Released by Guinlee Music